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Restaurant Marketing with Mobile

Who Else Wants a More Cost Effective Method to Market Your Restaurant?

Restaurant Marketing

With new technology popping up everyday it is almost impossible for a restaurant owner or manager to keep up with it all. How do you find out what marketing methods are outdated and what can be replaced with less costly but just as effective methods? Most of you would ask Google or search online of course! We are here to help position you and your restaurant to the forefront of this new technology monster, called the mobile web…


Restaurant Marketing Tips

(Don’t let this overwhelm you, we are here to help.)

How do you reach mobile customers?

  • Mobile Advertising (you must have a mobile optimized site/webpage for this to work)
  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile Texts (SMS Marketing)
  • Location Based Marketing
  • 2D Codes in Marketing Materials

Is it worth it?

  • We have reached almost 5-6% Click through Rates and 18-20% conversion rates with some of our mobile ads for clients! (Online average 1-2%)
  • It provides a measurable ROI, along with a good ROI for restaurant marketing
  • Mobile advertising market isn’t saturated yet so it is typically cheaper than normal online advertising
  • ~30% of all mobile, local searches are for restaurants
  • Those not involved in this medium in the future could see competitors taking part of their market share away

Will it cost a fortune?

  •  We provide a very affordable solution to market to potential mobile customers
  • We bundle a number of these mobile restaurant marketing ideas to provide the best chance of success and not break the bank or go over budget while providing a great ROI
  • Our basic package includes a custom designed mobile website/app, free $100 in mobile advertising for first time signups*, 2D/QR codes with copy for print marketing materials, starting at $500

Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Mobile

We recommend when just starting out with restaurant marketing for mobile users you just get your feet wet at first and see if it is right fit for your restaurant marketing. That is why we allow a test the first month with $100 in mobile advertising on us. If it doesn’t work after that first month or you don’t see the results you wanted don’t continue! But we almost always see our clients enjoying the results. We do recommend everyone has a mobile optimized site though it provides many benefits…


Benefits to Your Business

  • INCREASE TRAFFIC – Improves visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • INCREASES EXPOSURE – Smartphone users ALWAYS have their phones with them compared to PCs and laptops
  • IMPROVES CONVERSION RATES – Turn visitors into customers; with features such Call Us, Find Us, and Tell-A-Friend, Menu, Reservations and more
  • INCREASES REVENUE – Offer special deals and coupons
Benefits to Your Customers
  • OFFERS INSTANT ACCESS TO INFO – Customers get what they need quickly and easily while “on the go”
  • DELIVERS A GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – Displays and works great on most phones, including high-end, midrange and budget phones (over 6000 devices)
  • PROVIDES REAL-TIME UPDATES – Information is updated on Mobile Website in real-time
Hope these Restaurant Marketing ideas help ease you into the mobile medium and if you decide you want to learn more or dip your toes into mobile marketing for your business click here to contact us!